..Lighten up..

Nawwwww! kitty cats! 

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..one thing CrossFit has taught me..

..oh hello there - its been a while since I have been around this place! Life has been turned upside down and I am only just adapting! New job, new man, many of lifes decisions up in the air at the mo but ITS ALL GOOD!!

Anyway - the point of this post - I haven’t been to CrossFit for months due to a number of reasons - and today I decided to go for a good old fashioned run.. Thinking I would have ZERO fitness at all - I ran the route I used to - before I started crossfit. At the point where I usually stop and walk (I’m not the best long distance runner!!!), I actually pushed through that uncomfortable feeling and continued to run - and I ran all the way home :) so what has CrossFit taught me? The ability to keep going even when I really really REALLY want to give up - ITS ALL IN YOUR HEAD.. yes indeed it is a mental thing..

I felt so good after that run (wasn’t a huge distance but hey!) and I can’t wait until I can get back into CrossFit!!! :D

..it’s a hard life..

..it’s a hard life..

..a Hero WOD for ANZAC day..

..i haven’t posted on here for ages but i thought it quite fitting to post this WOD due to an incident that happened last week.. basically a crossfit ‘hater’ and I and a rather large disagreement regarding a hero WOD that I posted that was dedicated to the little boy who died in the Boston bombing.. long story short - she was disgusted that a brand ‘Crossfit’ was trying to “benefit” from a tragic event.. trying to explain to her the meaning of a Hero WOD was very difficult and I found myself banging my head against the wall and copping a lot of abuse..

ANYWAY - whats the point of all this? yesterday was ANZAC day - for those non Kiwi’s/Aussies out there  - Anzac Day is a national day of remembrance in Australia and New Zealand that broadly commemorates all Australians and New Zealanders “who served and died in all wars, conflicts, and peacekeeping operations” and “the contribution and suffering of all those who have served.”

So we did a HERO WOD:

ANZAC day: ‘Wood’

5 rounds:
400m run
10 burpee box jumps
10 sumo deadlift high-pull @42.5/30kg
10 thrusters @42.5/30kg
1 minute rest

For time: 37.23

It was THE hardest WOD I have done in and VERY VERY long time.. as the timer counted down to begin, out coach said something that stuck with me for the ENTIRE workout - “lets do it for the ANZACs”.. i have never wanted to give up in a WOD - like i wanted to yesterday - but i kept repeating those words in my mind and honestly - it really got me through.. i got goose bumps during round 4 (you know the ones you get just before you are about to either spew or pass out??) - i honestly thought i was going to kark it..

it really made me think - having to endure 38min of pain in a workout - compared with what soldiers were/are faced with in day to day life.. puts things in perspective thats for sure..

so - those who don’t understand the meaning behind a Hero WOD and argue that they are a disgrace and disgusting and poor taste - well basically you can kiss my ass..


Hopefully that burnt off an Easter egg or 2!

Hopefully that burnt off an Easter egg or 2!

..a general life update

..so it seems when I am not crossfitting I don’t blog.. at all.. which is a bit silly cos crossfit is only a minuscule part of my life.. so thought I would do an update on life - i <3 my tumblr peeps and I love hearing about what goes on in your lives..

on the injury front - i think the shoulder is pretty bloody good - range of motion is still limited but there is no longer any pain eg when lying on my side.. i will need to gradually reintroduce exercises with a very light weight to begin with - really looking forward to this.. the back is still giving me a bit of grief but the physio says to just plays things by ear - listen to my body - not too much jarring “stuff” so box jumps are a no go at this stage.. im looking to get back in to cf in about a week-ish.. :D

love life is going amazingly <3 i still feel like i am in a fairy tale.. making big decisions at the moment around babies (holy Mary mother of God) and moving out of Auckland.. both very massive decisions that are freaking me out a bit atm! feels right though and I’m leaving this up to the universe to some extent.. 

work is INSANE.. the new job is going well but i feel like everyone wants a piece of me.. come back from teaching a 50min class to about 20 emails - this is the part of the job i don’t like - all the admin.. ugh.. but i am learning HEAPS and as everyone keeps saying - its good for my CV and great experience.. i have a big presentation to do to about 40 teachers on Monday and yes i am shitting my pants - will be verrrry happy once it is over with! 

well - this afternoon i am off to a hens do - should be loads of fun!!! Have a great weekend everyone :)

..injuries are not cool

..especially if you have had the same recurring injury since you were 15 :(

I first injured my back playing netball - compression + rotation.. next i hurt it cheerleading - being a base, people often standing on my shoulders pretty much = more compression.. Plus I am just over 6 ft tall - a lot of pressure on my lower back.. 

So 1 year and 3 months ago I started crossfit - I was injury free for a year - going to crossfit 4 times a week - no injuries.. then i hurt my shoulder 3 months ago - not because my coaches don’t check my technique - cos they do - and our classes are small so we get A LOT of one on one coaching.. i didnt listen to my body - and i kept training - MY FAULT.. then when i finally got it looked at i decided to carry on crossfitting but thrashing my lower body.. what happened? imbalance = hello again back injury.. i should know better cos i understand a lot of the mechanics of the body - being a PE teacher and all.. but no - we never listen to our bodies and rest when we need to - its human nature.. as my bf said: “when our cars are broken down we take them straight in to the mechanic to get fixed - why don’t we do the same with our bodies…” so very true..

So ended up at A&E today as the pain was just too much to bear and I have torn a ligament in my L1 vertebrae.. good news that its not a disc.. so I have bitten the bullet and put my membership on hold for one month - as much as it pains me to do so - I have to if i want to get better.. :(

On a brighter note - only 8 more sleeps :)

..day 22

..i went to crossfit.. i got my ass smashed (literally).. now i am going to crawl into bed (literally).. will post WOD tomorrow.. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..